It’s a great weekend to invest in some quality nylons. Our favourite site has 15% discount and free delivery this weekend. We Love the Cervin Liberation stockings shown above and have yet to shoot a pair on Exquisite Nylon (large – size 3 covers most of our current models). You may like to donate a pair and get a personal signed A4 print from the shoot we do, or you may have a special someone in your life who would put these on for you on Valentine’s Night which is just a couple of weeks away…in either case,

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Go on you know it makes sense…



Life is full of its ups and downs and challenges, and this week has definitely been in that vain, but it always motivates us incredibly when we have a fabulous long legged model around for a shoot, especially when she is prepared to push herself to achieve a great result. Here we have Cervin RHT Nylons, and a retro permed wig donated to us by an admirer. Combine this with a smokey club like atmosphere and we have created the glamour of yesteryear! If you would like to star in one of our shoots or pay for your own set of photos, with a theme like this, you know where to come.



So, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a fair few women in my lifetime who consider hosiery an integral and important part of their day to day wear. One, in particular, had a real penchant for top line hosiery made by Wolford. So around 18 years ago I was introduced to this famous and fabulous brand. The items they make and sell are not cheap, with tights or stockings starting at above twenty pounds a pair and rising to over a hundred pounds for some limited edition lines. Clothing costs considerably more…As one of their best customers I was often invited along to the Wolford fashion shows to see each season’s new wares.

The women in question was an exhibitionist and encouraged me to photograph her wearing various items of lingerie, nylons and shoes as she enjoyed also showing off her fine figure.

Back in those days I had a little ‘point and shoot’ Panasonic camera, so the results are not professional, but I did enjoy the resulting shimmer and shine that the hard light from the in built flash cast. The negative side is the harsh shadow that gets cast close to the main subject. But I am sure you agree the subject fuelled my enthusiasm…


If you were in any doubt as to what this portal is about, the title gives it all away, in a most succinct manner.

Yes we are talking about, showcasing, reviewing and tantalising with the very lush material Nylon.

It’s our favourite visual and tactile medium and we hope it is yours too!