Tonight we just had to bring an excerpt of a ‘ditzy’ little video we saw on our favourite net based channel. Its cheeky, its fun and we only wish more people would have a go at showing off their talents in such a cool fashion…


Its amazing the number of times we have met females who are down in the dumps with being single, and they want to entice a man into their life.

Colette MakeOver shoot

We find one of the best ways to cheer them up and help them find new vigour and passion for the dating game is to come to us for a make-over shoot. Generally we start with an outfit perfect for a special event, something with a feel good factor to break the ice.

Colette MakeOver shoot

Then move onto to something a little more seductive to find the inner Minx, using coy poses at first to add an air of mystery…


Moving on to more daring poses as the confidence builds.

Its amazing how these pictures do add a spark into the person’s life. We have fun, we laugh a lot, the person feels pampered and special.

Its not surprising that the boost and sparing use of the images on dating or social media sites often does the right job. Equally, we have to add that a dash of nylon is always worked into the mix as there are very few men not drawn fine image of a woman in lingerie and stockings.

The model in question was relatively short, under 5 feet tall, and whilst she did not have a complex about her height felt that she was often overlooked because of it. Poses and composition were employed to best advantage to elongate her legs in the image and show her that she really is an attractive woman. These techniques are used all the time in fashion style shoots to make models appear more elongated and attractive.



Continuing our theme of showcasing people who we think are rockin’ it in the Nylon World we would like to introduce a lovely young lady who we at first thought was French, but in fact hails from Belgium.

Nonetheless the French speaking accent does set the pulse racing of many a warm blooded male, or female for that matter. Above you can see her teasing her boss wearing Fully fashioned Nylons…

And here you can see her trying on Nylons and Pantyhose.

Whatever guise you see her in she will always be wearing Killer Heels from the best designers in the World

She looks like ‘Butter wouldn’t Melt in her Mouth’, but is a very sexy lady with an awesome website. If you would like to get to know her in more detail, pop on over to JULIE SKYHIGH


RedToulouseDiva, Destiny Toulouse Diva

So we were stranded in Toulouse, France and were put up in a four star hotel due to an Air Traffic Controllers strike. We were there for nearly a week. Luckily we had lots of Nylon in our suitcase and so did some awesome shoots in the hotel.

RedToulouseDiva, Destiny Toulouse Diva

We also did a few tours of the City and took in the many Art Galleries, exhibitions and Street Art. On our journey we came across an amazing retro second hand store that was just a cornucopia of unique retro artefacts. We had a good nose around and then left, but as we turned the corner outside I saw the most amazing pair of boots in the Window. Something that Betty Page would have been proud of. That was it, I ushered my Wife inside to put her dainty size 4’s into the ultra snug real leather delights. They were a perfect fit and we had to have them.

Louise Jensen Nylon Mistress

Since then they have been used in only one other shoot, which we called ‘Nylon Mistress’ for obvious reasons. Plus we meet very few models with such small feet. Luckily, the very lovely Miss Jenson was also a perfect fit and took on the role with veritable aplomb!



Our favourite purveyor of Nylon has just announced a massive sale with over 150 products reduced by as much as 70%. These items are available whilst stocks last, and from our experience they will go quickly.

There are some great bargains to be had, plus a voucher code for a reduction on Cervin Nylons for this weekend, plus a chance to win your order back if you pay with Paypal. These guys really know how to do business, and put a Spring back into your step with some amazing products.

We just Love the Fiore Electra motif top Hold Ups highlighted above, and will be investing in a fair number of the faux suspender tights and Cervin stockings bargains.

Jut click here, STOCKINGSHQ , to check out all that’s on offer.



We had the opportunity of shooting a delightful alternative girl who was 4 months pregnant. We wanted to create something out of the ordinary that included Nylon…


And also celebrate a forthcoming Mother who had a cool radical style…


As always, my Wife was on hand to deal with all aspects of styling and helping the model to feel comfortable and nurtured, whilst I covered off the technical aspects of the high key shoot and captured the moment. I have since showcased a few key pictures from this set at select Exhibitions under the title of ‘The Bump’.



Emma Louise from Worthing does 3 shoots on Tue 4th August

There comes a time when you have shot your muse many, many times and the flow is fabulous, and you get great results, and you feel like it is time to add in a new challenge.

When your muse is your partner and you tell her you want to shoot other women, it can pose an initial problem. A problem that has to be broached delicately as initial thoughts are that you have got bored with the working relationship. Far from it. The working relationship was to set the standard from which all other assignments would be judged. Also, when not shooting my partner I engage her awesome creative skills as an adept make up artist, or in more recent times as a second shooter as well. Behind the scenes footage is always of interest to a lot of tech savvy followers who like to see the kit in use as well as the end result.

Emma Louise from Worthing does 3 shoots on Tue 4th August

So here is the first model I shot with when making that next move. A delightful young lady known on Modeling websites as ‘BrightonBlonde’. She was my first, and as far as I can see still works today and is very popular. She is tall and slim with very long legs and that means she is perfect for showcasing nylon. Considering this was my first deviation with a new person I think it went exceedingly well.

Emma Louise from Worthing does 3 shoots on Tue 4th August

We provided the outfits and stockings. Over time we have built up quite a collection of outfits, stockings and props and the current quota runs into thousands of pounds worth. To get the best out of a shoot you need to invest a lot into it…


Today showcasing some of our favourite finds on the net we had to share this fabulously well shot rubber and nylon layers clip. We don’t mind promoting other creators when they are this good. Just look at the watermark to find more…

We are always looking for people to donate rubber outfits for our shoots, or alternatively we do shoot collections for businesses for a reasonable fee. Just send us an email if you would like to know more…



Here in the UK it feels like we have hardly had a Winter this year. Its only February and yet Flowers like Crocus and Snowdrop are already out.

Naturally, it serves to remind us of one of our favourite times of the year when Bluebells burst forth with a profusion of colour in our Woodlands.

A perfect time to take three lovely ladies out into nature to showcase some colourful Wolford Pantyhose.

Can you imagine being a hiker, out for a stroll, and stumbling upon this party in hats, heels and nylon?




Occasionally, we take on advertising assignments…

This is a Revamp of a shot we did for a well known lingerie chain in Sussex. Complete outfit and stockings are Chantal Thomas.

Shooting in a classical Pin Up style is something we really enjoy, but we can shoot high key fashion equally well…

If you have and desire to capture cool attire we can supply the right sized models, the right age models and shoot creatively in the studio or on location to achieve a great result. Just drop us an email by return…