The first thing one encounters when shooting nylon is a conundrum. Do we employ light that gives an overall balance to the composition?


Here, we can see two pictures from an early Gothic inspired shoot that just use natural light on a dull day. The combination of Pink and Purple does add a splash of colour to a Wintery backdrop, but there could be more…


However, as soon as we punch some additional light into the mix the nylon almost appears to take on a life of its own. Bold, and enticing this is the start of what inspires us to reveal the true nature and allure of nylon. The shine and shimmer bring something magical to the table for you to contemplate.

Over time we have continued to improve how we achieve this effect with all kinds of fancy studio lighting, but you cannot take away the immediate effect of hard light produced by a hand held flash. Just do all you can to avoid harsh shadows around the edge of the subject, as this is a true sign of an amateur. But, then again we all have to start somewhere, so we add that it is better to get out there and start experimenting than remain inert in contemplation…

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