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When one looks through the modelling portfolio sites it quickly becomes apparent that the number of girls available to shoot in North Kent is scant compared to other areas.

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When we lived in Brighton, Sussex we had a queue of potential models going around the block who wanted to shoot with us. In Kent its been an altogether different result. In this neck of the woods there’s a dearth of people who put up a few blurry selfies and then ask for fees to shoot.

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The cost of a studio, props, backdrops, kit, computer runs into thousands of pounds. Add in the skills of a professional photographer, make up artist and post editor/retoucher and there is a whole lot more to consider. In eight years we have rarely paid for a model to shoot unless we have a specific theme in mind and find the person with the right look to match the overall brief.

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Luckily, from time to time we have found great models who give their time to shoot in exchange for a full set of pictures, with a few edited to magazine standard. These images are straight out of the camera with a few small tweaks in Adobe Lightroom. The fabulous lady here has long legs and a great smile and physique. She has done some promo modelling at Car Meets and has a very popular FaceBook following. With a great attitude and sense of fun we know we will be working with her again…