When a friend who is a profoundly excellent yoga teacher asked us to do some promotional shots for her we jumped at the chance…


Starting with a nice look for a typical day out with the girls we encouraged her to find her sassy style. She has a great love for Rock music and following the local music scene so we knew she had it within her to take a simple dress to a new level.


Of course it alway helps if one is fit and flexible to strike a number of poses easily, with a natural flow and elegance.

Through our pre shoot discussion we had found that she is an aspiring author an decided to flip her look to reflect how a successful woman might dress for a cocktail reception for her newest book deal.


She is such a vivacious person and it is so easy to make her chuckle, so we had to pause frequently to regain composure.


Without a doubt, she has all the right attributes to kill it everytime, her warmth and personality shining through.


In each set she is wearing simple barely black pantyhose to complement her outfits that give a nice elegant line. We provided the cocktail dress and accessories for the evening wear shoot and the first green two piece was the models own.

We revel in helping people achieve a look that reflects their personality and makes their image ‘pop’. Its so important these days in the realms of intense social media to have a look for the moment or a look for an emotion to keep your offerings fresh and engaging. Drop us a line if you would like to work with us on your own image and branding.


Its amazing the number of times we have met females who are down in the dumps with being single, and they want to entice a man into their life.

Colette MakeOver shoot

We find one of the best ways to cheer them up and help them find new vigour and passion for the dating game is to come to us for a make-over shoot. Generally we start with an outfit perfect for a special event, something with a feel good factor to break the ice.

Colette MakeOver shoot

Then move onto to something a little more seductive to find the inner Minx, using coy poses at first to add an air of mystery…


Moving on to more daring poses as the confidence builds.

Its amazing how these pictures do add a spark into the person’s life. We have fun, we laugh a lot, the person feels pampered and special.

Its not surprising that the boost and sparing use of the images on dating or social media sites often does the right job. Equally, we have to add that a dash of nylon is always worked into the mix as there are very few men not drawn fine image of a woman in lingerie and stockings.

The model in question was relatively short, under 5 feet tall, and whilst she did not have a complex about her height felt that she was often overlooked because of it. Poses and composition were employed to best advantage to elongate her legs in the image and show her that she really is an attractive woman. These techniques are used all the time in fashion style shoots to make models appear more elongated and attractive.