We are fast approaching that time of year where the temperature rises to a point that it is possible to get outside and dine ‘al-fresco’.


What better way is there, than to pack a hamper full of goodies and bring along a bottle of your favourite Fizz?


To make seating comfortable and dry we always recommend bringing a floor mat, preferably with a waterproof membrane on one side. The more decorative the better in order to set the right scene.


Of course, its always difficult to know what to wear for such and occasion. Our ladies on this particular day decided to dress up, as opposed to down in some suitable fetish attire.


Crossing a lawn in ultra high heels can always pose a challenge! Luckily they had me on hand so they could cross wearing slippers and then exchange those for the heels when in place. A top tip for those who want to avoid clumps of mud stuck to the heels making it look somewhat grubby, by comparison.

Naturally, fine seamed stockings are essential for a wholly decadent expose.


It wasn’t long before Destiny delved into her more Dominant persona and had our guest on her knees and ready to obey. What a persuasive young lady she is!


To work off the calories from all the goodies consumed they then vacate to our tree area where destiny demonstrated the first exercise of this session, a standing push up or bench press…

Its amazing what you can get up to in an afternoon, and how the Sun and Wine turn your mind into a haze. We’ll let you imagine how this lovely little country soiree panned out…


Fluo Girly

Take a seasoned model who has done a number of conventional shoots…

Fluo Girly

A model who has asked to refresh her portfolio with something zesty, fun and funky…

Fluo Girly

Take her out of her normal comfort zone by introducing wigs that will completely transform her look, almost render her anonymous to her fanbase…

Fluo Girly

Explore new colour combinations and materials that go into uncharted territory and break out of the norm…

Fluo Girly

Explore poses that show of a fine slim figure and also get her moving and playing with shapes that she does not recognise as her own…

Fluo Girly

And, above all, have fun in following his through…

And Voile, you have the ingredients for a fabulously fun shoot that combined both stills and video to great effect.