She knew when she came for the interview that she had overdressed somewhat, and the look she got from the other woman in the blue chip organisation confirmed their disdain for her stripper heels…


But she had heard on the grapevine that the Chief Executive she was going to meet, and be interviewed by, was a confirmed leg man who had a passion for seamed Fully fashioned Nylons. She had caught him looking unabashedly at her nylon legs for some time and decided as they took a break for coffee to take control…


First getting him to lick the bottom of her shoes and feel the sharp point of her uber high heels, she knew she had found a submissive streak in this powerful captain of industry.


Soon she had him a compromised state, and showed that the significance of a tie is not to be the best dressed man in the Universe, but a form of bondage transforming him into a chattel exhibiting his servitude, she a Dominant emancipating him from his staid and stuffy daily routine.


The Force of the Nylon was overwhelming to him, feeling the black foot Nylons gently flirting across his back, and kneeding into the aching muscles from the mornings workout…


He confirmed the Contract with a kiss of her high arches! Wishing he had the nerve to lick along the lurex seam and see where the journey might end…

Never underestimate the power of a Dominant female, who knows what she wants and how to get it.

This is a short excerpt from one of our photo novels. If you feel you have what it takes to star in this as either persona, do drop us a line as we always can fit in a new shoot to Wow the Masses!


Is it time for an Ice cream yet?

Eastbourne Tour August 2009

Well if you are in Eastbourne and the Sun is out it would be rude not to pop down to our favourite purveyor of finest gelato, ‘Fusciardi’s’.

Eastbourne Tour August 2009

And order something as delightful as a ‘KnickerBocker Glory’, a tasty and refreshing treat that simply has to be quaffed down and shared.

Eastbourne Tour August 2009

It provided a refreshing break between takes on our photo shoot at the seaside, and also goes on to prove that you can have some indulgence in your life and still maintain a good figure. Just make sure you savour and enjoy every mouthful!


We don’t like to harp on about things like illness or accidents, but there is a universal denominator that can cut through the misery. Whilst many may say it is the sight of a Doctor as you open your eyes that brings a sigh of relief, we beg to differ and would say it is the sight of a caring Nurse.

Destiny Lou Nurses

With this in mind, we take that premise a stage further, and put a light redesign on the traditional uniform you might come to expect…

Destiny Lou Nurses

The beauty of PVC is that is has a nice shiny look and texture and is of course easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Destiny Lou Nurses

The development of Nurse practitioners has passed on many of the elementary skills one might associate with the job role of a Junior Doctor.

Destiny Lou Nurses

And finding a pulse is of course paramount in determining whether a patient is dead or alive.

With the more recent emergence of multi resistant bacteria such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or M.R.S.A. the traditional ‘Taste Test’ has now gone out of the window…

Destiny Lou Nurses

We hope you will take all of the above with the ‘Tongue Firmly in Cheek’ Nature that it is intended! We do value the great work that all our nurses do to assist in the quality of life of patients and helping them stay well.

Add to that, the fact that dressed in this manner we believe there would be a marked increase in heart attacks in the elderly male population.

For those of you who do like the thought of a Nurse giving you a bed bath, we’ll leave you to savour that thought…


From time to time we like to invite friends over for a fun shoot. Have a look at this extended episode to see some shots from such a day.

Mistress Serenity

The stockings in question are Cervin Fully Fashioned Nylons with a delightful Lurex seam down the back.

Mistress Serenity

They look like RHT Nylons from the side,

Mistress Serenity

And Black Foots from the bottom. But they pair up very nicely with a classic pair of Louboutin Office Court shoes.

Mistress Serenity

Now add some rubber into the mix, worn by our good friend Helen Ryder.

Mistress Serenity

Who knows how to strike a cheeky pose…

Mistress Serenity

And also add her own brand of humour into the mix for what was to be a great ‘cheesecake’ photoshoot.

Most of our models have so much fun that they end up coming back for more and over time become good pals. Shoots are always a laugh, but the intent is on producing something that pops and stimulates the visual senses…and always with a dash of Nylon!



PS Dreama

One of our favourite props is a comfy old knackered Chesterfield Captain’s chair.

PS Dreama

Its the starting point where we often sit down and have a cuppa and discuss a shoot with a model.

PS Dreama

Its also a great prop for posing that facilitates a relaxed stance and allows the subject to adjust a stocking top with style and finesse.

These shots are directly out of the camera without even a first pass edit. Very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ expose. First and foremost composition plays an important role. The model feeling we have made the effort to understand them, that we have conveyed the essentials of the brief in detail and then work to get the best out of the time we spend together. We then pick our favourites and give them a little polish. I am sure you agree what we have straight out of the camera works well.

We are very adept at retouching pictures and will share some examples in later posts. If you need this kind of service we charge fair rates by either the picture or the hour, dependent on volume. Please do contact us if you have a need for such services and would like to know more…


So a good friend of ours had spent a fortune decorating his delightful country residence to a high standard. The small country lane comprised a number of fine places that had been blighted by an order by The Blue Circle Group companies for demolition and to make way for a new 2,500 house estate in a disused chalk quarry.

Wax Princess teases in Nylon

Two months after spending around £10 grand doing up his place our buddy was given notice to move out. He was devastated! So I decided to cheer him up and asked one of my good model friends to come over for a shoot.

The focus was of course on Nylon, and copious shots of a decadent, boudoir nature to make full use of the wonderful backdrop.

Its not surprising what a good tonic for the Soul this endeavour facilitated. We created a fabulous Christmas Card for him to send to all his friends, with the model sitting on his knee in a Mary Christmas outfit…

If anyone reading this has a unique or interesting shoot location that they are happy to offer gratis, we can bring a model or models along to shoot, and as our host you will have the unique opportunity to have a ‘Fly-on-the-Wall’ experience of being involved, first hand with what we do best!

Simply, reply via our contact form, and leave a message We will be sure to get back to you…



Our favourite purveyor of Nylon has just announced a massive sale with over 150 products reduced by as much as 70%. These items are available whilst stocks last, and from our experience they will go quickly.

There are some great bargains to be had, plus a voucher code for a reduction on Cervin Nylons for this weekend, plus a chance to win your order back if you pay with Paypal. These guys really know how to do business, and put a Spring back into your step with some amazing products.

We just Love the Fiore Electra motif top Hold Ups highlighted above, and will be investing in a fair number of the faux suspender tights and Cervin stockings bargains.

Jut click here, STOCKINGSHQ , to check out all that’s on offer.


Shopping for Stockings

So here we see what we affectionately call ‘Midget CAM’ being employed to gracefully observe a very delightful woman whilst she goes about her retail therapy ritual in a retro emporium that sells Vintage paraphernalia including retro Nylons. In this short clip we are treated to the sight of a pair of Cervin ‘SwingTime’ special edition seamed Fully Fashioned stockings, and plenty of heel dangling as she rests her weary feet. I can see the queue gathering to offer her a Foot Massage…

If you want to buy these Nylons, or donate a pair for one of our models to wear then click this link CERVIN SWINGTIME NYLONS



It’s a great weekend to invest in some quality nylons. Our favourite site has 15% discount and free delivery this weekend. We Love the Cervin Liberation stockings shown above and have yet to shoot a pair on Exquisite Nylon (large – size 3 covers most of our current models). You may like to donate a pair and get a personal signed A4 print from the shoot we do, or you may have a special someone in your life who would put these on for you on Valentine’s Night which is just a couple of weeks away…in either case,

Click here to go straight to the stockings page, I WANT NYLONS

Go on you know it makes sense…



Life is full of its ups and downs and challenges, and this week has definitely been in that vain, but it always motivates us incredibly when we have a fabulous long legged model around for a shoot, especially when she is prepared to push herself to achieve a great result. Here we have Cervin RHT Nylons, and a retro permed wig donated to us by an admirer. Combine this with a smokey club like atmosphere and we have created the glamour of yesteryear! If you would like to star in one of our shoots or pay for your own set of photos, with a theme like this, you know where to come.