Libby Burlesque

An age old problem has always been ‘How to Undress’ discretely whilst maintaining a modicum of dignity and staying the right side of good taste.

Here we see a fabulous model wearing an array of fabulous Chantal Thomas hosiery, DIM Voile Brilliante Hold Ups, Killer Heels, Gloves and accessories.

Libby Burlesque

Its easy to establish a cheeky tone and rapport with an audience when dressed in such a fashion.

Libby Burlesque

Striking a pose and playing with one’s ruffles just becomes second nature.

Libby Burlesque

How to remove a bra in a tantalising, but acceptable presents considerable challenge.

Libby Burlesque

But our model was well practised in the Art of Burlesque and so knew exactly what she was doing.

Libby Burlesque

Back in times gone by it was considered an offence to publicly bear ones nipples so the application of fancy pasties was employed, stuck over the offending flesh to provide discretion and often sporting tassels so with the right gyrating movement a helicopter action would ensue, the breasts wobbling almost with a resonant life of their own and the hassles mesmerising the transfixed audience.

Also the use of a Fan or Feathers would be skilfully employed to ensure the view of the ladies breast was kept to fleeing glimpses, again adding to the tease.

Libby Burlesque

All in all, a great way to undress had evolved, and we just Love o capture the essence of this in our Boudoir shoots for couples…




Occasionally, we take on advertising assignments…

This is a Revamp of a shot we did for a well known lingerie chain in Sussex. Complete outfit and stockings are Chantal Thomas.

Shooting in a classical Pin Up style is something we really enjoy, but we can shoot high key fashion equally well…

If you have and desire to capture cool attire we can supply the right sized models, the right age models and shoot creatively in the studio or on location to achieve a great result. Just drop us an email by return…




So, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a fair few women in my lifetime who consider hosiery an integral and important part of their day to day wear. One, in particular, had a real penchant for top line hosiery made by Wolford. So around 18 years ago I was introduced to this famous and fabulous brand. The items they make and sell are not cheap, with tights or stockings starting at above twenty pounds a pair and rising to over a hundred pounds for some limited edition lines. Clothing costs considerably more…As one of their best customers I was often invited along to the Wolford fashion shows to see each season’s new wares.

The women in question was an exhibitionist and encouraged me to photograph her wearing various items of lingerie, nylons and shoes as she enjoyed also showing off her fine figure.

Back in those days I had a little ‘point and shoot’ Panasonic camera, so the results are not professional, but I did enjoy the resulting shimmer and shine that the hard light from the in built flash cast. The negative side is the harsh shadow that gets cast close to the main subject. But I am sure you agree the subject fuelled my enthusiasm…