We are not quite sure how to label this post, but whatever the title the shoot made for an intriguing style…The tiddly hat worn atop the models head is often referred to as a ‘Fascinator’…


The model had the basic Bodice and lace dress to which we added the finishing touches. Of course ladies would not have worn nylon in those days, but the model had some delightful ink to display on her legs that we wanted to show through, so transparent shiny pantyhose were the order of the day.

Also we showcased one of our favourite props here. An original Jean Paul Gaultier Rubber Umbrella with ornate handle, which is currently on sale on eBay.



We also employed a combination of studio lamps punching light into the scene and natural light as seen in the shot above, whilst partaking of afternoon tea.


We had many bluebells growing in our garden and so found it appropriate to make up a little seasonal bouquet to complement her intricate make up.

We would like to point out that it is illegal in the UK to pick bluebells in the wild…so do take heed as there is a hefty fine if you are caught doing this.


Next accoutrement was a fine ebony and alpaca silver Gentleman’s walking cane. It is worth noting that whilst an expensive item, alpaca silver forming the handle at the top of the cane does not in fact contain any real silver. It is an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel that mimics silver.


Finally, our old shed, that we kept our lawn mower and other garden equipment in, fell down as the roundels of wood supporting its corners had rotted through. The Tin Roof provided to final piece of the puzzle for a different urban backdrop…


Occasionally, we showcase people who we think are really rockin’ it in the World of Nylon. We especially like to see works that combine art and erotica and something different from the norm. The person we showcase above has a style all of her own and in our opinion she is totally awesome. Slim, svelte and pale with a delicate smattering of ink she is a perfect chameleon with long legs that look simply divine in nylon and killer heels. Even more to the point, there is an edginess to her style that could be comparable to the demeanour of a female preying Mantis. Any encounter with her would blow your mind, but it almost certainly would be your last…

If you want to see more of her amazing work get on over to RAZORCANDI



The first thing one encounters when shooting nylon is a conundrum. Do we employ light that gives an overall balance to the composition?


Here, we can see two pictures from an early Gothic inspired shoot that just use natural light on a dull day. The combination of Pink and Purple does add a splash of colour to a Wintery backdrop, but there could be more…


However, as soon as we punch some additional light into the mix the nylon almost appears to take on a life of its own. Bold, and enticing this is the start of what inspires us to reveal the true nature and allure of nylon. The shine and shimmer bring something magical to the table for you to contemplate.

Over time we have continued to improve how we achieve this effect with all kinds of fancy studio lighting, but you cannot take away the immediate effect of hard light produced by a hand held flash. Just do all you can to avoid harsh shadows around the edge of the subject, as this is a true sign of an amateur. But, then again we all have to start somewhere, so we add that it is better to get out there and start experimenting than remain inert in contemplation…