For our 69th post we think its appropriate to acknowledge the very large fanbase we have amasses over the last eight years.

And to celebrate this we are releasing one of our most early attempts at the Art Nude genre, with a nylon Twist!


Everybody knows that Destiny Demonia has a real Love for Wolford Pantyhose. So it was with get delight that we received a request from an admirer to supply us with a pair of Limited edition PlayBoy Wolford Pantyhose retailing for nearly £100 a pair.


We decided to augment the shoot with a fine pair of Louboutin court shoes to just add a splash of red into the mix.


Destiny has no trouble finding a variety of poses to showcase just why people love great hosiery and the way nylon is very visually appealing.


It not very often you will ever get to see hosiery modelled in such a cheeky way, but are sure you also appreciate the artistic slant we put on the moment.


We always welcome contributions for our shoots sequence as it serves to show the latest trends and fashion in the real World.


We used to regularly attend the Seasonal Wolford fashion shows put on by their store at Bluwater Shopping Centre, but alas the store has now closed and we have to seek our Wolford garments elsewhere…

Enjoy our 69th celebratory post in all its decadent glory…


If you are looking for Nylon with the ultimate shimmer or shine then come this way. We Love the people who produce this stunning content of beautiful Russian women wearing ultra glossy pantyhose and would say they are one of the best producers out there for content that is erotic without being gratuitous.

Watch the clip above and pop over to ART OF GLOSS for a vast library of subscriber content. They also do have a library of hi resolution free images that are also very tastefully presented.



Here in the UK it feels like we have hardly had a Winter this year. Its only February and yet Flowers like Crocus and Snowdrop are already out.

Naturally, it serves to remind us of one of our favourite times of the year when Bluebells burst forth with a profusion of colour in our Woodlands.

A perfect time to take three lovely ladies out into nature to showcase some colourful Wolford Pantyhose.

Can you imagine being a hiker, out for a stroll, and stumbling upon this party in hats, heels and nylon?




One of the big No-No’s in our humble opinion is the wearing of Rubber garments, buffed up to a perfect shine, minus nylon on the legs. It can be such a let down to see the slinkiest of imagery marred by blotchy, pimply or bruised legs. All too often within the fashion or fetish scene we see this foopah! The simple addition of a fine pair of glossy hose adds so much attraction to the image. You be the judge by looking at one of our most popular outtakes from a Rubber shoot last year, and please do leave your comments in the box below as we like to know your opinion on what makes a Mistress Rock in Rubber…


If you were in any doubt as to what this portal is about, the title gives it all away, in a most succinct manner.

Yes we are talking about, showcasing, reviewing and tantalising with the very lush material Nylon.

It’s our favourite visual and tactile medium and we hope it is yours too!